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Adult Social Services Review Panel
Tuesday, 14th April, 2015

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Tuesday 14th April 2015
Room F10, The Town Hall, Katharine Street, Croydon, CR0 1NX

Councillor Lousia Woodley (Chair),

Councillor Andrew Rendle (Vice-Chair)

Councillors Pat Clouder, Yvette Hopley, and Margaret Mead.

Trevor Harness
Senior Members' Services Manager
Tel No:
020 8726 6000 ext 61446

1. Minutes of the Adult Social Services Panel held on Tuesday 10 February 2015

2. Apologies for absence

3. Disclosure of Interest
In accordance with the Council's Code of Conduct and the statutory provisions of the Localism Act, Members and co-opted Members of the Council are reminded that it is a requirement to register disclosable pecuniary interests (DPIs) and gifts and hospitality in excess of £50. In addition, Members and co-opted Members are reminded that unless their disclosable pecuniary interest is registered on the register of interests or is the subject of a pending notification to the Monitoring Officer, they are required to disclose those disclosable pecuniary interests at the meeting. This should be done by completing the Disclosure of Interest form and handing it to the Business Manager at the start of the meeting. The Chairman will then invite Members to make their disclosure orally at the commencement of Agenda item 3. Completed disclosure forms will be provided to the Monitoring Officer for inclusion on the Register of Members' Interests.

4. Urgent Business (if any)
To receive notice from the Chair of any business not on the Agenda which should, in the opinion of the Chair, by reason of special circumstances, be considered as a matter of urgency.

5. Exempt Items
To confirm the allocation of business between Part A and Part B of the Agenda.

6. Adult Mental Health

7. Adult Social Care Annual Complaints Report 2013-14

8. Verbal Update on the Care Act

9. Work Programme

10. Camera Resolution
To resolve that, under Section 100A(4) of the Local Government Act, 1972, the press and public be excluded from the meeting for the following item of business on the grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of exempt information falling within those paragraphs indicated in Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972, as amended.

B1. Part B minutes of the Adult Social Services Review Panel meeting held on 10 February 2015.

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B2. Safeguarding Adults Services

  • report (88K/bytes)
B3. Safeguarding Adult Review Cases

  • report (93K/bytes)
B4. Safeguarding Adults in Year Data

  • report (75K/bytes)
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    Appendix (112K/bytes)

The next meeting is scheduled for 5:00 p.m on Wednesday, 1st July 2015 in Town Hall, Katharine Street, Croydon, CR0 1NX

Issue Date:- 06 April 2015 at 16:44