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Election of Chair and Vice-Chair

Meeting: 25/07/2018 - Safer Neighbourhood Board (Item 4)

Election of Chair and Vice-Chair


The SNB administrator read out the nominations.


Marzia Nicodemi had nominated Donna Murray-Turner as Chair, and Chukwunweike Etuka had seconded the nomination.


Andrew Brown had nominated Magdalene Adenaike as Vice-Chair, and Nadine Windley had seconded the nomination.


The SNB Administrator explained that no other nominations had been received for the Chair and Vice-Chair; therefore, according to the Terms of Reference, Donna Murray-Turner and Magdalene Adenaike were elected Chair and Vice-Chair of the Safer Neighbourhood Board respectively.

Meeting: 14/06/2018 - Safer Neighbourhood Board (Item 1.)

Election of Chair and Vice-Chair