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Croydon Almshouses Charities Trustee Company Limited


Status: 2 separate registered charities (numbered 204963 and 810114), with the same body of Trustees, which together as the main Board meet quarterly as below

Brief history: The Elis David Almshouse was founded on the 27th April 1447 by Elias Davy (a Mercer of the City of London). The original building was situated upon land bought by Elias Davey to accommodate seven people. By 1896 a modern building was also built on Scarbrook Road for 32 people and was named after Henry Smith a benefactor. In 1974 all the benefactor charities were merged to constitute Croydon Almshouse Charities and one new almshouse building was erected on Duppas Hill. Published in 2005 "The Land Called Delles" written by one of the current residents is an historical account of the Almshouse Charities.

Aim of the organisation: The Almshouse Charity aims "to provide a safe and secure environment where our residents lead a full and active independent life", and applications are considered from residents of the London Borough of Croydon living in conditions of housing and other need.

Relief in Need is a grant making charity which considers applications (usually through other organisations) for the benefit of persons of all ages resident in the London Borough of Croydon who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress (including ill health).

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